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Mission and Core Values 

It is our mission to focus on customer needs and pursue the spirit of excellence with quality products and services through our commitment to research, design and value creation. With vision, perseverance and teamwork, we strive to provide shareholders with superior return on their investment.

K. Wah's core values are vital in the company's overall operation and brand building. The Group's core values are categorized into four areas, namely Corporate Culture, Continuous Improvement, Personal Effectiveness and Managerial Effectiveness. (As shown in the table)

As a people-oriented enterprise, the spirit of core values should emanate from the interior to exterior, which means the staff should regard core values as the blueprint for and the indicator of their daily performance. On one hand, they work with fairness, integrity and responsibility internally; on the other hand, they take ownership of the brand and are responsible to the customers, investors and the public externally. Core values can only be effectively carried through and become the common ethic amongst the staff by effective communication. A unique corporate culture and brand image are thus essential to make the goal achievable.


Corporate Culture

  • Accountability: Assuming ownership and authority while taking committed responsibility for an outcome.
  • Integrity and Fairness: Maintaining trustworthiness and fairness in conducting all our business activities.
  • Loyalty: Working for the company's interests without forsaking personal integrity in the belief that efforts and results will be properly recognized.

Personal Effectiveness

  • Perseverance: Achieving desired results in the face of resistance and adversity.
  • Responsive to Change: Foreseeing and managing changes in a positive and constructive manner, always learning and sharing from the process.
  • Emotional Intelligence: Staying in control of one's emotions and empathizing with others in all inter-personal relations.

Managerial Effectiveness

  • Leadership and Teamwork: Being accountable for motivating the team, initiating actions, making timely decisions, coordinating individual efforts and inspiring others to achieve the best results.
  • Professionalism: Aiming to keep abreast of the latest technological advance, to acquire the special knowledge and skills and to apply them in company business.
  • Customer Focus: Understanding our customers' motivation and attitudes and striving to satisfy their needs and expectations.

Continuous Improvement

  • Creativity and Innovation: Encouraging and welcoming new ideas to produce innovative result and taking and supporting risks when appropriate.
  • Spirit of Excellence: Improving continuously and being among the best in all that we do.
  • Maintaining a Competitive Edge: Providing value for money and service delivery at levels higher than those of our competitors.
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