Care & Engagement

The Group believes its success, long-term growth and development depend upon the quality, performance and commitment of its employees. The Group prides itself on its commitment to its employees as we treat them as valuable assets as well as family members.
Staff Excellence Award
Staff Excellence Award has put in place to recognize the outstanding performers for the year.
Long Service Award
Long Service Award is presented each year to recognize employees' loyalty to the Group.
Employee Relations and CSR Activities
The Group encourages its employees to maintain a healthy balance between work and outside pursuits. Social Club and the Human Resources Department organizes different social and recreational activities for staff and their families, such as theme park outing, movie watching, BBQ and Annual Dinner. Different interest classes like art jamming, yoga, and cooking are also held regularly. Moreover, there are staff gatherings which create an informal networking platform for staff to communicate, share and interact with each other in different aspects. Employees are also encouraged to participate in charitable activities like Walk for Millions and volunteering work every year to serve the community.

Staff Excellence Award Winners' Sharing

Watch the videos on how our staff go the extra mile and demonstrate outstanding commitment and professionalism.
2021 Staff Excellence Awards (Hong Kong Properties)
2021 Staff Excellence Awards (Shanghai)
2021 Staff Excellence Awards (Dongguan)
2021 Staff Excellence Awards (Guangzhou)
2020 Staff Excellence Awards Winner (Hong Kong Properties) – Peko Wong
2020 Staff Excellence Awards Winner (Hong Kong Properties) – Perry Wu
2020 Staff Excellence Awards Winner (Shanghai)