Talent Management

Talent is crucial in attaining success for any organisation. Therefore, the Group focuses on attracting talents of high calibre and professionalism, and also on developing talented people who are eager to map out an even brighter future with and share the same values of perseverance, synergy and vision of the Group.
Training & development are highly valued at KWIH. Staff are encouraged to pursue continuous education. Good communication is also supported to promote the spirit of core values, where beliefs and objectives are clearly conveyed to staff at all levels to ensure results. With a well-developed talent development system, all staff have the opportunities to excel and to succeed at KWIH.
Corporate Seminar
Corporate Seminars are organized regularly for the professional development of our executives. It provides an innovative and interactive forum in various themes such as risk management and change management, where professional consultants and keynote speakers in the public and private sectors are invited to share their insights and equip our staff to contribute to the Group's long term development.
Internal Training Programme
A series of tailor-made management development programmes with focus on teambuilding, communication, analytical thinking and problem solving skills and legal knowledge are organized to equip our staff with the latest knowledge and skills so as to enhance their technical competencies.
Training Sponsorship Programme
The Group sponsors staff to attend training courses or workshops including both local and overseas training to enhance job knowledge, increase managerial effectiveness and/or acquire specific job related skills organized by local or overseas training institutes to meet every changing corporate needs as well as desire for personal development as careers progress.v
Talent Development Programme
This programme is designed for our high caliber staff to nurture them as future leaders. Targeted leadership-development opportunities such as business rotations, management skills training and special stretch assignments will be provided at different phases of the programme.
Summer Internship Programme
Every year, the Group recruits a number of university students as summer interns to be deployed to various business divisions, as a commitment to nurturing talent and supporting education.